Urology is a medical discipline that examines the excretory system and treats any problems in this part of the body. Although men over 50 years old are the most frequent visitors of a urology department, younger men and women may also suffer from problems with excretion and cancer of the secretory organs.

A complete urological examination includes your medical history, an examination of the kidneys and adrenal glands, the lower abdomen and external genital organs in men, as well as an ultrasound of these areas. Next, we take your urine and blood samples and have them examined. We monitor the blood and sugar levels and other possible symptoms in the urine that could indicate problems with the excretory system. We monitor the sugar, fat and cholesterol levels in the blood, and – in men over 40 years old – also the concentration of the PSA tumour marker.

We carry out other specific examinations, such as measurement of urine flow based on the complaints experienced by male or female patients or based on suspicions revealed by the laboratory examination. During all the examinations we treat patients as partners and we are totally discreet.

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