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Why prevention is important

Preventive urology examinations are the key to preventing all types of urological diseases.

The most serious problems which can be prevented with preventive check-ups are malignant tumours. Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer in men; cancer can also affect the testicles (especially in younger men) and the urinary bladder. Early detection of malignant growth greatly increases the possibilities of successful treatment and prolongs the length of the patient’s life. We recommend a preventive urological visit to all men over the age of 35. Men over 50 years old should undergo a preventive urological examination every year.


How a preventive examination works

When undergoing a preventive check-up we first go over your medical history with you. Through a physical examination we are able to assess your overall physical condition, check your blood pressure and take urine and blood samples.

This examination is followed by ultrasonography of the genitourinary organs, that is of the kidneys, bladder, pelvis, prostate, testicles, and possibly of the penis.

The collected urine sample is examined for the presence of blood, sugar, infection, and urinary stone crystals. If a urinary tract infection or a sexually transmitted disease are suspected, we carry out a urine culture test or urethral smear. If we suspect infection in the prostate and/or seminal vesicles, we also carry out a culture test of the ejaculate. The urine of clients with suspected bladder cancer undergoes cytology.

The collected urine sampIn the collected blood sample we monitor the factors that characterize kidney and liver function, we detect the sugar, fat, and cholesterol levels. In males over 40 years old, we try to detect the concentration of the tumour marker PSA. We examine beta hCG and alpha-fetoprotein tumour markers in males suspected of testicular cancer. When there is a suspicion of fertility disorder or aging male syndrome we also focus on testosterone levels in males over 45 years of age.

With regard to the medical history and findings from individual examinations, some additional examinations may be recommended for selected patients, such as uroflowmetry (measurement of urine flow), screening of intestinal cancer or a pulmonary X-ray.


How much will I pay for the examination

The preventive uro-oncological examination at our clinic costs 2 900 CZK.

We also offer ongoing urological and andrological care programmes, some of which include a comprehensive uro-oncological check-up.

For more information about these programmes see our price list.


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